Time, time, time, what has become of you?

Daughter: Let’s play family. Me: How do we play? D: We’ll be kids and you be the mom. [so far, so good].

D: How old do you want to be? Me: 25! D: Ok then…I will be 16 and he {little brother} will be 13. Hey, I picked an age that I will be one day, and he picked an age that he will be one day, but you picked an age you will never be. That’s sad.

And then over the weekend, my daughter (who is 7) was talking to a younger friend:

Daughter: My Nana will be dead when I am 61. Friend: That’s sad. Maybe by then you will have a new friend. That would be good.

Overhearing kids talking about time and age is one of those experiences where you laugh and cry at once. It’s bizarre to be working through my own understanding of the passage of time and to be reminded that I am not and will not be (was I ever?) twenty-five years old, by a 7 year old.  Or to be slapped in the face with the prospect that my own parents won’t live forever, but with the reminder that a good friend can make all the difference. Anyway, who can sort all that out right now? It’s lunchtime!

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