“Drowning doesn’t look like drowning”

I was curious about the title on a blog post that I found on Facebook.  So, I clicked on it and read through, and it gave me chills. In a bad way.

Turns out all, many of the TV and movie scenarios of people drowning give us a false impression of what someone who actually is drowning looks like, and so we may miss what is right in front of our eyes. Having worked in an Aquatics Department at a YMCA and seen the required insurance videos they show to lifeguards (which by the way scare the bejesus out of me) and having two young children of my own who love the water but are at the I-can-swim-but-my-face-is-barely-above-water stage, well…it’s a very good reminder that water safety is not something to be taken lightly. I need to be vigilant when at the pool with the kids. So, when the temptation comes, after hours in the sun, to text or even make a call…or to chat with a friend poolside, I remember: Drowning doesn’t look like drowning.

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