Take the Nestea Plunge

My friend recently wrote a blog post (read it here) in which he had a picture of how he felt the day he was taking major test. I laughed out loud. No spoilers here, just click over and read it.

The morning before I went on my weekend getaway with my hubby, I swam laps at my local pool (which by the way is outstanding. Truly, a hidden gem in Salem).  Let me just say that swimming laps in the morning sunshine, with nothing around but the smell of the seashore (did I mention that this pool overlooks the ocean? It does) is quite sublime. I felt great, I felt alive, I felt…like the girl in the Nestea Commercial.

You remember the one, right? Where a beautiful girl in a one piece bathing suit (does anyone wear those anymore?) takes a sip of refreshing Nestea and falls backward into the pool.  It’s the epitome of summertime and I felt like that last week. It was awesome. And then when I read my friend’s post, I thought, I gotta find that picture (or video) and link it. Because I felt just like that girl!

Funny thing is, I couldn’t find that exact picture or commercial. Here’s what I did find, so enjoy. It captures some of the feeling.  And if you have hours to kill, you can find a lot of other 80’s commercials on youtube. Be warned!

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