Reasons to Avoid Soda


Several years ago, my husband and I made the switch from soda to seltzer water. It wasn’t easy, mainly because soda tastes good and seltzer tastes…well, a little like sewage water.  But after about 4 months or so of drinking it we decided it wasn’t terrible. About 6 months in we decided that it was ok. After about one year, we had the occasion to drink a soda and discovered that soda now tasted WAY too sweet. Now we (including our 7 year old) actually like the taste of seltzer and drink it with gusto. Part of our switch was for our health (and there is no shortage of literature out there on why soda is bad for you): lots of extra calories which are devoid of nutrients, harmful additives, excessive amounts of sugar/caffeine connected with obesity and attention issues are only a few of them.

Then I find articles like this one, from Care2 Healthy LIving, which is a site that I enjoy and respect. There are so many clear reasons to not drink soda. Are there any reasons to drink it? It tastes good sure, but if you can re-train your taste buds (you can, we did)…what are you left with?

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