Homeschooling mania

I am not a very trendy person; I always seem to be one-to-several-steps behind the trendy curve. Whatever the trend is, I am the one lagging behind saying to myself, “Huh, wonder what that was all about? Maybe I should check into it.” By the time that metaphorical thought happens, the trend is over. For instance, my hubby and I totally got sucked into Lost and watched the whole thing on Netflix…about 5 years after the last season aired. About a year after Breaking Dawn was released, I read all four Twilight books. You get the idea.

Imagine my surprise as I discover that I am actually into something trendy: homeschooling. I know it seems a contradiction in terms, but if you do any internet reading, you’ll know that homeschooling is the thing. And I’m on it. Which is weird. But in a cool trendy way.

Here are some pieces to read about why homeschooling is up-and-coming: Homeschooling goes mainstream and Homeschooling grows in popularity are just two of the titles. Read more here and here. Even Wikipedia is in on it. And (I give myself gold stars…wait, gold medals, for being uber-trendy now) click here for ideas on how to incorporate the Olympics into your homeschooling experience. 

Perhaps the finale of the media frenzy is a piece that was just released (we are awaiting our hard copy in the mail as we speak). This comes from the tiny town of Grantham, NH and so clearly describes two homeschool families in that small community. One of those families is mine. Yes, we were featured in a very cool and very local magazine article for the community in which we lived the last fifteen months. This is proof that I am for once in my life, part of something trendy. But more later on why being trendy is not part of our decision to homeschool.

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