Tiny surprises

I have a small garden that I have been lovingly tending all season; we moved in May and I had a few seedlings that I brought with me, but otherwise felt a little behind all summer.  It’s not unlike the rest of life at this stage, where my husband and I are fully living into the tension of planning ahead (what will next fall, next semester, next year be like?) and being present to the current moment (here I am now with a free afternoon, let’s go to the pool).  While this garden has not been the production machine that I originally anticipated, it has been a useful exercise for me as I tend it in preparation for the next season. I’ve added peat moss and manure, I have observed sun patterns, gotten a general lay of the land, and am making plans for what crops will succeed in what paces next summer.

The tiniest surprise from my garden this year.

In the midst of general life craziness and as we transition from summertime mode to fall/homeschool/activity mode (and as I  plan further ahead for next summertime) I pulled the teeniest tiniest carrot from my garden. The funny part is, I didn’t specifically plant any carrots. I’m not entirely sure where they came from or how they got there – and I thought it was parsley! It was such a delight to find this cute and unexpected treasure.  It gave me pause and nearly stopped me in my tracks, helping me to slow down, breathe and be present to this moment. To be content in that transition and not get so focused on the planning that I miss the gift of the present.

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