Sistas got game

I had a conversation with my sister (6 years younger than I am) recently, that went along these lines:

Me: So, I went out with my friends last night.

Her: Did it involve throwing up the next morning?

Me: Uuuuhhhh…no. We went for gelato and talked about homeschooling.

Her: (long silence) We are very different people, you and I.

Found this pic entitled “Ugly Sisters.” This one’s for you, sis.

While that exchange was funny and true, it  got me thinking about how different we are and how good that is. Because while gelato and homeschooling are great, the world would be so very boring without my sister in it. She is the funniest person I know. Then I got to thinking, I know quite a few amazing women.  I realized that I am related  to a bunch of really cool women; sisters of some sort (or mother/motherish figures). Let me give you an overview of some of the outstanding women that I am somehow related to.

In the “Sister” category (which includes full sister, steps, in-laws and step-in-laws) there is one who  served in the US Army and in Iraq, one whose confidence level is very high and wore a camouflage dress to her prom, one who is raising 2 kids with a hubby currently in Afghanistan, one who is an insanely hardworking urologist, one who is raising her son while battling her own health problems, and one who is currently serving in the Peace Corps in the Philippines.

In the “Mother-ish” category there is my mother who, in her 50’s took up glassblowing, hula dancing and yoga, a mother-in-law who raised two terrific kids while working as a full time professor and therapist, a step-mother who has cared for the elderly in her life by choice and gracefully, and a step-mother-in-law who recently left a high powered position inside the Beltway to start her own company.

In the “Other” category there is a cousin who is several years into recovery from drug abuse, another cousin who is raising 4 young children, an aunt who survived breast cancer, another aunt who survived breast cancer twice, an aunt-in-law who has her PhD in English Literature, and an aunt who recently graduated with her Masters in Social Work.

This doesn’t include my friends who I love by choice; these are the people I am related to (and not even all of them. by a long shot). How lucky I am to have such a diverse group of women to teach me, to inspire me, to walk with me. You go, girls. You all got game in my book.

6 thoughts on “Sistas got game

  1. As your glassblowing, hula dancing mother, I am indeed impressed by the variety of women in your family. I am so pleased that you recognize the differences in all us, and see our value as women. You may remember when you were a child, I often said that the world would be very boring if everyone was exactly the same. Thank goodness we are not. I am very proud of you, and my other daughters, for the very unique people you are

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  3. I love this story! I feel like there are parts of you and parts of your sister in me 🙂 There’s something beautiful about the two of you coming from the same people. Sarah and I are different, too, but there are commonalities we share, too. Families are so interesting. I can’t wait to see how your two grow!

  4. Too funny! My sister and I always joke that we’re total opposites but put us together and we’re one perfect person. 😉 Also, she’s the only one who laughs at all my jokes. Hallelujah for sisters! And thanks for sharing all of your stories with us. Loved reading them.

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