My seven year old on eyebrow waxing

My sister has awesome porn star eyebrows (her words, not mine). She can raise one eyebrow in a super feminine way, as if to say “I don’t believe you, dahling.”

Click on the photo for another blog, waxing eloquent about eyebrows.

She also regularly pokes fun at me because I don’t get my own eyebrows waxed. I don’t even tweeze. I know, it’s practically a crime against my gender. But last night I had a free facial and eyebrow wax from a local place (American Beauty by Rose) run by Rose, a 77 year old quirky woman with an amazing life story. At any rate, I announce during dinner that I was headed out that evening. “Where are you going?” inquired my daughter, between bites of her quesadilla. “For a free facial and eyebrow wax,” I sighed, already imagining the heavenly massage and soothing steam blowing on my face. “What’s that?” she wanted to know. “Oh, it’s where a lady puts creams and lotions on your face, and massages you and…” “No, what’s an eyebrow wax?”

That was trickier to answer without sounding like I was subjecting myself to torture. “Well. It involves hot wax and the same lady then rips your eyebrow hairs off…but then you look really beautiful when it’s all over,” I trailed off lamely as my daughter’s own eyebrow shot up in a pretty good imitation of her aunt’s. I sighed. She then told me in no uncertain terms: “That makes no sense at all.”

I can’t exactly argue with her, but I do admit that the whole facial was lovely and relaxing. And my husband agreed with only the slightest hint of sarcasm, “You look like a new woman.” I’ll take it!

5 thoughts on “My seven year old on eyebrow waxing

  1. You know, come to think about it – your sister DOES has porn star eyebrows!! Hope it wasn’t TOO painful for you and oh yeah – I’m still laughing at the “that makes no sense at all” comment! Thanks for the GREAT start to my morning!

  2. I know, she works really hard at those brows! I’m still chuckling at “that makes no sense at all” – the question is, why do we put ourselves through such things?

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