I do like a good pair of shoes. Feels like I’m always on the hunt for the perfect pair. Of course what the perfect pair is changes, depending on the season, the weather, my mood and whatever is slightly-behind-the-trend in fashion. I also freely admit to being a cheapskate. I don’t spend a ton of money on shoes; I shop thrift stores and consignment shops and places like Payless. I did recently splurge on a pair of funky ballet flats for full price at Fashion Bug, but that’s about as crazy as I get.

So when I stumbled across a blog this morning entitled “Shoe Save #23”,  I was intrigued. After a small amount of digging, I discovered ShoerperWoman, and the Save our Shoes (SOS) Challenge.  You have one year to save each pair of your shoes by wearing them (if in one year you haven’t worn a particular pair, you lose them). Brilliant! Just the sort of gimmick I need to boost my fashion savvy (that along with the help of MissusSmartyPants). This should also justify my collection of 20 shoes. Which when you think about it, isn’t that many. Really. (How many do you have? I’d like to know).

Between saying and doing, many a pair of shoes is worn out.

I was all ready to take a picture of my feet in shoes today, but then realized hubby has the camera. Oh well, once I upgrade (December 2012 cannot come too quickly) to a smartphone, this will be much easier. So for now you must imagine me in my super comfortable pink croc slippers, deciding which will be the first pair of shoes saved. Pictures and further blog entries to follow! If you decide to join the challenge, let me know and we can be shoe friends.

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