The joy of discovering what is right under your nose

Today I lived in the moment.  It was a glorious and warm sunny fall afternoon, the kind where you say to your kids “Let’s go exploring today and find something new.” So we did, after Bible Study, which was delightful in and of itself. We moved to Salem, MA five months ago and have done a “medium job” as my son would say, of exploring some of the nooks and crannies around our neighborhood. Today I branched out to Marblehead, MA (which for those of you who don’t know is about 1 mile away). I heard from locals that if you turn right at the firehouse onto Ocean Ave, there is a nice beach. Which is what we did and my, was it heavenly.

I had with me in the car (leftover from Bible Study) freshly baked citrus zucchini bread, WITH FROSTING, my water bottle and a blanket. You don’t need much more than that. Turns out the beach has a name (Devereaux), it has a pretty neat playground area, and a pebbly shoreline which looks straight out into the Atlantic. Side geographical note:  where we live in Salem looks across the water to Marblehead, and this beach is on the other side of Marblehead which is sort of a mini-Cape Cod. View it on a map to see what I mean.

Click on the picture to read another blogger’s account of visiting Marblehead.

Walking along looking for rocks and sea glass, with waves crashing and making a sucking sound as they were pulled back to sea, with warm sunshine on my face and the kids shrieking with happy laughter as they abandoned themselves to happy play, I thought this, this is the good life and I drank deeply from it today.

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