To linger over words is
to linger over worlds.

Sitting at the table,
shafts of early sun across my back
warm and drowsy,
with lemon-lime seltzer bubbles
performing circus-like tricks in my glass and
a bowl of fresh nearby – homemade yogurt,
berries of blue, purple red and pink,
I linger over the morning paper.
Worlds open as I savor the written word,
the news around town.

Cupping phone, shoulder to ear,
tasks laid aside while
pacing, pacing, pacing;
your words a comfort and
now I to you.
I linger over conversation.
Spoken words allow access to your world,
my heart to yours.

Reclining in my chair,
day waning quickly
feet shod in pink sparkle slippers
sink and inbox cleared of clutter,
your voice murmurs to those two you love.
Story voice, rising and falling to the tune of
Tolkien, followed by quiet assurance of love
and then delighted squeaks as Daddy finds
a belly button.
I linger overhearing bedtime.
Glimpses into their world
as you delight in them.
To linger over words is
to move slowly and receive the gift.

Note: This poem is part of my Lenten discipline, in which I attempt to cultivate space and quiet in order to hear from God and respond with poetry. It’s also been inspired by the Daily Prompt: Linger.

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