Five sentinels, lining the countertop in paper bag perfection,
bearing and guarding proof of your devotion.
Crimson petals peek from atop the brown handles, doubled to prevent
driveway calamities. My lips curve, smile playing at the edge, while my
eyes wink in thanks.












Berries, bright with pre-ripe blues and reds lie temptingly on the counter
next to mounds of clementine orange in their citrus peak and hard green bananas that
promise ripeness in a few short days.
























Plastic bags crinkle with earthy brown nuts and rich velvety fruits dried to tart perfection.
Cereal and cracker boxes stand at attention, proud of
their natural ingredients and to be part of a balanced diet.












Tomorrow’s dinner gathers,
the beans – refried and black – flank the
enchilada sauce, while the mini pearl tomatoes,
edible rubies, nestle with the crisp cilantro leaves.




















Yogurt towers and cheese stacks, though a formidable defense wall,
are no match for four separate lunch boxes and are vanquished to
the cold top shelf.






























Leafy greens, proclaimed by black ink on the plastic wrap
and “chicken of the sea” cans, four tall
and my root basket overfloweth – all point to the bounty of
gifts and of love.









Creamy white eggs, the perfect packet of protein are the last to reach the countertops. Their addition to the beautiful abundance
causes my heart to swell, satisfaction rising from within,
while my spirit murmurs thanks.


Note: This poem is part of my Lenten discipline, in which I attempt to cultivate space and quiet in order to hear from God and respond with poetry. 

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