Snow Capsule

10456198_10153205412302774_5279062042882152294_n-2March 11th. The yawn almost splits my jaw. I try to focus on the right of the porch, wincing as cold air sweeps over my bare legs, giving rise to prickly gooseflesh. Jose is late – again. As I turn, a flash of red catches my eye. What? He never delivers to the left side. With a mutter, I grab the headlines, heading toward warmth and tea. Smoothing headlines and my irritation, I blink. “The Patriots SuperBowl Win of a Lifetime!” was weeks ago.  With a grin, I hold a testament to six snowstorms and eleven feet of snow since February 2nd.


This post is part of #Writing101, a course with Blogging U. The assignment: you come across a letter on the ground. Describe this encounter, briefly. This was one-hunded words, and happens to be true. 

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