Stopping by the roadside at sunset

The drive between my work and my home is quite beautiful, full of rolling hills, a few charming horse farms, grand New England homes…and now that it’s getting lighter later, thrilling sunsets. I couldn’t help myself, even as I knew the photo wouldn’t do it justice. But still, I reasoned, the act of capturing such a fleeting moment might help seal that moment in my memory.

I snapped a few shots of the hill, with the trees silhouetted, sky ablaze in orange. I thought I’d try a selfie, with the gorgeous background. That didn’t come out as I anticipated. On a whim, I turned around, and was struck by how different I looked. My face was illuminated with such warmth.  That moment of realization sealed in my memory that I am transformed both by looking at the light, and how the light looks upon me.

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