Little bits of beauty

For Mother’s Day, I received a surprise from my husband: a macro lens (which allows you to take photos super close up). I love it, and have spent the last few days hunting for little bits of beauty in my own yard and neighborhood. Here is what I discovered:

Inch worms are beginning to emerge.DSC_3815

Chives! I love the line of water droplets here. Who knew that one slight bud could be so playful?


Pansies on my deck, proudly opening to the sun and maintaining a dignified bloom, despite days of rain.DSC_3764DSC_3691

Water droplets on leaves never seemed so stunning as when I went hunting in my own yard.

Several low hanging branches with brightly colored “ornaments” called to me, jangling playfully in the breeze.

Close ups of tiny flowers (and a super mini pinecone) that seem more like watercolors than anything else.DSC_3830DSC_3829DSC_3828I could not resist this gorgeous field of teeny white flowers!DSC_3823DSC_3819

Bonus: my husband enjoyed taking photos of me, taking photos! (Notice how teeny the “field” and the flowers are. It’s really an amazing lens).

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