in the soft part of the night

as i am alone and dark

my heart hears yours and

soul to soul we whisper secret

longings and cry silent tears


across my cloudy soul, over the dew

dripped plains of my insides

the rays of sunlight fall

and i am shaken to depths beyond reach by

your ability to see without eyes


breaking through new earth hurts–

what can replace the pieces that

die on that journey?  with a handful

of roses you urge me forward

i poke my way the pain lessened by your

beautiful gift


poised on new shores I shiver

from inside out

your sweet breath on my face

stills all and the

language of love needs no words

and I no longer fear

-j.a. grieshaber

This is a poem I wrote in high school, as part of the capstone assignment my senior year. I emulated several of the poets that we studied, creating my own works. This was modeled after e.e. cummings, “somewhere i have never travelled” 

somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond

any experience, your eyes have their silence :

in your most frail gesture are things which enclose me,

or which I cannot touch because they are too near


your slightest look easily will unclose me

though i have closed myself as fingers,

you open always petal by petal myself as Spring opens

couching skillfully mysteriously her first rose


or if your wish to be close to me, i and

my life will shut very beautifully, suddenly

as when the heart of this flower imagines

the snow carefully everywhere descending :


nothing which we are able to perceive in this world equals

the power of your intense fragility whose texture

compels me with the colour of its countries,

rendering death and forever with each breathing


(i do not know what it is about you that closes

and opens; only something in me understands

the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses)

nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands

-e.e. cummings

This post is also part of a new series, February Beautiful, in which I notice beautiful things. It’s a joy to rediscover something beautiful that I created, and I have more of these gems to share throughout this month. 

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