Politics/When in Rome


by Jen A. Grieshaber

If I’m elected,

I promise to work for the good of all…

(especially my close friends

…and my bank account)

and to work

to increase jobs

in our hometown

(unless there is a strike or picket,

you know how annoying those things are!)

and to provide a safe

place for our youth to grow up

(put the damn punks

in jail’s what I say)

so I ask for your vote

in this election…

(don’t vote for my opponent –

that bastard is rich enough).


This is a poem I wrote in high school, as part of the capstone assignment my senior year. I emulated several of the poets that we studied, creating my own works. This was modeled after Mari E. Evans, When in Rome.

When in Rome

by Mari E. Evans

Marrie dear

the box is full…


whatever you like

to eat…

(an egg

or soup

…there ain’t no meat.)

there’s endive there


cottage cheese…

(WHEW! i’d had some

black-eyed peas….)

there’s sardines

on the shelves

and such…


don’t get any anchovies…

they cost

too much!

(me get the

anchovies indeed!

what she think she got –

a bird to feed?)

there’s plenty in there

to fill you up…

(yes’m, just the



Hope I lives til I get


I’m tired of eatin’

what they eats in Rome….)

This post is also part of a new series February Beautiful. Read other high school poems.

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