I am following along in a photography course that Ian sometime teaches. This particular exercise is to reflect on your own habits of self-care and take pictures of what makes you feel loved, relaxed and happy.

Fresh flowers soothe and inspire me – in vases, one bud in an old honey bottle, anything green from my yard in a mason jar. These are the current bunch on my dresser, from a larger bunch Ian brought home from the grocery store today:


I was playing around with the mirror and reflections as well angles to create different backgrounds. It’s always fun to position yourself in a photo. At the bottom, the flowers are the reflection in the mirror (the blurry pink in the bottom right is the actual flower).

I often have a candle going while I am reading or praying. The simple act of picking a tea light to burn helps me to settle and to center.

On a free evening, I might hot oil my hair (honey, coconut oil and a hot towel) and then paint my nails a fun color…maybe even sparkles. I feel like a new woman.


These aren’t the extent of my self-care, but a few ways I notice and plug into the beauty around me.


7 thoughts on “Self-Care

  1. Love your pictures, thoughts, and ideas. It is a blessing to enjoy what God has created and to set apart time get out of the “revolving door” of day to day repetitive activities…I think I will paint my nails!

    • Thank you for the repost! If possible, can you see if the pictures are included, with a link back to my blog? I didn’t see them when I looked on the link. Thanks again!

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