the way leaves and light dance

the way leaves dance
swaying and sighing melancholy
thin, spidery and fragile

the way light dances
streaming and bursting through
holes, cracks and tears

the way that I love
wobbling and triumphant some
translucent with effort

the way that you love
rising and setting ever
over, around and through

This post is inspired by the WordPress online course, Writing: Finding Everyday Inspiration (Day 4: A Story in a Single Image). Read the whole series here.

6 thoughts on “the way leaves and light dance

    • Bob – I hadn’t read this poem by Kelly Belmonte before. It was beautiful! Thank you for sharing it. Yes, in fact, I was thinking of a call/response in this poem; not specifically about talking with God, but more about being with God and how God is with me. Thank you for sharing!

  1. I like what you write, you should connect with Paul Day, he writes wonderful Haikus as well as being quite the wordsmith and animator.

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