Sights of the Neighborhood

As part of an online course with Abbey of the Arts, we were encouraged to take a contemplative walk – a purposefully slow meander, just to notice what we notice around us. I offer here a few photos and reflection from my brief sojourn around the neighborhood.

The blue, blue sky somehow made this one leaf seem truly alone.
A lightening bug (I assume he’s all there and not just a shell) nestled in the craggy bark.
This striped septic marker struck me as a sort of candy cane…holidays leftovers, if you will.
In trying to capture a whole bunch of pine branches in the sunlight, I instead caught this little guy – a total and tiny surprise!
The beginning of “The Ladies’ Walk” which winds behind the chapel (it’s wild living in a Methodist Summer Camp – all this is within a stone’s throw of my front door). At some point in the last season, this tree began to lean precipitously over the path…
A little glimpse of green, bursting from the brown.
This felt prehistoric – like some ancient bog, claiming anything that fell in it’s swampy frozen clutches.
A scarlet “A:” a tree marked for destruction. It’s crime? Growing too close to the building…
…followed by this tree, with so much life that it’s bursting out of the knotty places.
Insect tunnels. Paths of hard work, proof of a life lived.

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