The Space to Write (Cold-Weather Edition)

A necessary balance to the shorter and darker days of winter is found in the blazing fireplace, the cheery string of mantle lights and a scented candle, which brighten both space and spirit. Lots of natural light floods the picture window during the cold winter: bare trees, arms outstretched offering only what is necessary, are a balm to the busy-ness of my own mind. Brown, that persistent reminder of last season, pluming the small birds at the feeder, serves to mute possible distractions and provide focus.

The dog, ever faithful and companionable, sprawls in front of the fire, though she does rotate to her crate when her fur starts to sizzle (a la “yellow dog” from Funny Farm).

The Cafe Table, Ian’s secret and sweet surprise present last year, is comfortable and trendy. With a homemade vanilla latte (cinnamon, if the mood strikes), the spot is the perfect combination of cozy and inspiring.

The space I write in changes with the seasons. Stay tuned for another post in about 6 months with my summer setup!

This post is inspired by the WordPress online course, Writing: Finding Everyday Inspiration (Day 6: The Space to Write). Read the whole series here.

Today’s prompt comes with an assignment for you, my dear reader. Please visit my (new – yay!) Contact page, and submit a topic that you would like me to write about. Thank you!

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