What I learned this Winter (full-edition)

Now that it’s nearly spring (or mud season, as we call it around here, which may or may not include more snow), I thought I’d come back and finish the list of things that I am learning, which I started midwinter. Thanks, Emily P. Freeman, for the inspiration!

6. In addition to winter being a time to pause and embrace the season, I’m discovering how the seasons are always in motion. They always pull us from one thing into the next. Whether it feels like the slow pull of the tides or being pushed off a cliff, there is always an invitation and we can always respond. But we have to pay attention to discover what that invitation is for us at this season.

Winter beach walk!

7. Fitbits provide motivation in the form of friendly competition and winter beach walks are a fun way to get more steps. The kids got actual fitbits for Christmas (and we discovered that Apple was already tracking our steps), so now are in the habit of comparing how many steps we have at dinnertime.

8. My front yard is a regular bird jamboree most mornings. Once I started paying attention, I can’t not see or hear, or comment on the bird activity in the neighborhood. Once I even saw an owl swoop in – that’s right, an owl. When I told my husband about it, he was disappointed that there wasn’t more to the story. Apparently from my build up, he thought that the owl would tear apart a squirrel or wreak havoc in the front yard. But no, it was just a glorious owl swooping in and flying off to a nearby tree – something I had never seen in my whole life.

9. I’m not a good traveler, but traveling with just one child is a joy – for everyone in the family, it turns out. Having one on one time with just one child – on a plane or an extended car ride, and in a different city, really changes the tone and possibilities for conversation. Plus, the spouse and other child at home get to have ice cream for breakfast and watch three Batman movies in one day.

10. I read a lot. In fact, I stayed up past midnight recently (unheard of this side of 40…well, who am I kidding, since 30) to finish a book. I’m relishing the time I have and the inclination to read more these days.

…but this is often the way I read in the winter!
I remember summertime and reading by the pool….

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