About “That got me thinking…”

At “That got me thinking…” I post thoughts on any of the topics below, depending where my creative energies are focused:

Parenting: As my children are now in high school, the particulars have changed since they were younger, but the fundamental question of how to interact with them remains. It’s a wonderful and terrifying phase, and we are all adjusting to new levels of freedom and independence. I try to capture them at various ages in poetry, and occasionally record humorous things we talk about. I also write about my dog Penny!


Prayers: As a committed Christian and Anglican, my spiritual life revolves around using the Book of Common Prayer and practicing ancient disciplines of prayer, meditation, silence. I’m also a trained Spiritual Director. I am currently accepting new directees (locally in person, or anywhere via online chatting tools). Please contact me if you would like to know more!

Poetry: Rediscovering a love of poetry has awakened some piece of me that I thought might have been left behind in high school. Imagine my surprise to discover the poet within has not given up the ghost, but has been beautifully hidden and growing; only now am I realizing that it’s the long planted and forgotten seeds emerging. I’ve been ferociously reading and writing more poetry these days.


Photography: I enjoy taking photos; not only is the process fulfilling, but the outcomes are sometimes quite good; I’m also enjoying having a place to share some of what I capture.  I’ve ventured out with my husband to start a business on the side: Drum Drum Photo. Certainly be in touch if you’d like to book a session, or would like to order custom items (calendar, notecards, prints) from any of my photos.


Pedagogy: I am on an educational journey with my children. We have homeschooled, been at Plumfield Academy been part of the public school system and are back homeschooling, thanks to COVID. It’s been amazing to have such resources as New Hope Courses to help us along the way!

Produce (or phood):  My interest in slow food, whole food, gardening, environmental impact and all the rest has ebbed and flowed in recent years.  I strive for better (not perfect) and am inspired to photograph food in my kitchen.

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One thought on “About “That got me thinking…”

  1. The part about poetry definitely got me – I felt the same when I was in college (oh, maybe I wasn’t any good after all; maybe I didn’t really LOVE it enough). Send some of your stuff my way sometime! 🙂

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