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I am unofficially following along a photography course that Ian is teaching. This exercise: photograph what “Home” is to you.  We bought our house nearly two years ago, and here’s some of what home means to me. From the outside:   On the inside, there are usually flowers on the table and some kind of fruit piled high. … Continue reading

Signs of life

Signs of life

I was inspired by some sights, both in my kitchen and in my yard. Here in New England, spring comes slowly (often called “mud season”), so we have to take advantage of sunny days and bits of color as they come.

On a Pomegranate

On a Pomegranate

You wouldn’t know the complex trail of seeds within, a whole universe hidden, snug and safe within a waxy sheen of red. You couldn’t tell the days of waiting, the hours of silence, the minutes of longing as each seed burst into life, and then began the painstaking process of becoming a full seed. You … Continue reading


                                                      Five sentinels, lining the countertop in paper bag perfection, bearing and guarding proof of your devotion. Crimson petals peek from atop the brown handles, doubled to prevent driveway … Continue reading

How does my garden grow?

Note: I originally wrote this post in July, but for some odd reason I did not post it then. So…here you go, in October, when of course everything looks different. Hmmm, a reason to take more pics and write a new post! I’ve been fooling around with this cool new app: Aviary. I guess it’s … Continue reading

That wasn’t as gross as I thought: Compost

I’ve been through a lot with compost and it all started in New York City. I’d been thinking quite a bit about composting, feeling enviro-guilt about tossing all my vegetable scraps, wanting “black gold” for my plants & gardening activities, mulling over ways to accomplish both goals. In a conversation with my mother-in-law, she mentioned … Continue reading

On a Strawberry

Soon, I think to myself. Very soon. Sunshine dapples, shifting ever so slightly from watery to wan, from gentle to beaming, from soft to warm. Soon. My daughter laughs with friends, giddy with excitement about the last day of school, murmuring plans for the summer. Soon. My son digs fresh soil with me, relishing the … Continue reading

Shopping Salem

Local is the new organic. At least that’s what they tell me. I’ve been on this journey toward sustainability for a while now, moving toward making choices about food, shopping, lifestyle that have less of an impact on the environment.  Over Thanksgiving I was inspired by two online posts: Juniperks (a really awesome site whose … Continue reading

The Supermarket on Sunday

Today was a pretty restful day. We slept in a bit, had pancakes, watched a movie and somehow ended up doing a few errands around lunchtime. One of those was the grocery store. I knew it would be bad, but I had no idea how bad. The parking lot itself was nightmarish: a quagmire of … Continue reading