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Wonder Years

This post is part of #Writing101, a course offered by Blogging U. The assignment: to write the first of several pieces about loss. You can read another piece about Grandma Jeanne, or this piece about bike riding.  ——– With my two feet level on the pedals, knees straight and butt off the seat, I could cruise for … Continue reading

A Tale of One Song

It’s 1991 and summertime – summer camp to be more exact. Several of my friends and I have spent a week throwing ourselves off the high dive and onto “The Blob” on the lake, playing volleyball, softball and soccer, fishing, making leather bracelets, having small group Bible studies and large feet-stompin’-hand-clappin’ praise Jesus sessions in … Continue reading

Layers of a Place

Layers of a Place

The very first time we pulled into the parking lot, it was after an overnight drive. Something about a sunrise arrival sinks into your pores and won’t let go: the way the rising sun glows pink, brightening over the pines; the vague scent of salt in the air as it travels from the coast inland; … Continue reading