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Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange

Happened to come across a recent Daily Post Photo Challenge (Orange).  Went on a hunt around my house and found these treasures. What an enjoyable way to spend a waning afternoon, trying to notice and capture what’s around me.  View other responses to this challenge here.

in the afternoon

head pounding, neck aching, radio blaring the ride home is a numb blur of grays and browns, whizzing by monotonous sounds sliding into one another and as I take a breath, I’m parked in the drive and – how did that happen?? slow, savor, see the gifts. slow and notice breath: my own miraculous inhale … Continue reading

Palm Sunday

Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord! Words week after week, sometimes sung, and usually with hands up, down and across – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Those words ring out today, hundreds of voices proclaiming and waving palms, re-living that day. We are that crowd, hungry for Someone and … Continue reading

Bike Ride

C’mon, Mommy! My limbs, awkward and unused, lacking a youthful litheness I once took for granted, gently obey. I balance tippy toe, and the bike wobbling underneath, patiently waits for me to settle. My hands grip the handlebars and suddenly it’s my fifteen year old hands holding tight and I’m off to visit Grandma Jeanne’s. … Continue reading


Your little voice stops cold my fast steps. Standing, alone and hurt, your bike fallen to one side and big tears welling up. Kneeling, I face the tenderness that is you and I see beauty, where mommy can make the world right. Suddenly our walk slows down and I, present to time together witness the … Continue reading

Bedtime on a Sunday

The house itself sighs into the quiet. Appliances cease their whirring, tumbling, cleansing, their constant working finally at a rest. Carpets worn from the traffic of little feet running, kneeling, playing a family in motion, now lie proudly displaying criss-crossing vacuum lines. Bunk bed holds curiosity and kindness, two little bodies snuggled together, while bins … Continue reading


                                                      Five sentinels, lining the countertop in paper bag perfection, bearing and guarding proof of your devotion. Crimson petals peek from atop the brown handles, doubled to prevent driveway … Continue reading

Eyes to see

what counts as a miracle these days? waking up is so ordinary blinking, groggy, blurry can’t see the alarm clock, or even to find my glasses on the nightstand. every morning the same – not seeing. perhaps the miracle is the fix. sixty odd years of blinking. groggy, blurry and knowing the snooze button by … Continue reading

On Turning Nine

The unnatural pink glow from your lava lamp  is now the hue in which I see you at night, all snuggled with your brother, the two of you atop ringlets of purple, swirls  on the comforter that you chose last year from Target.   Your fairy pi’s tossed carelessly  over the edge of the bunk … Continue reading


To linger over words is to linger over worlds. Sitting at the table, shafts of early sun across my back warm and drowsy, with lemon-lime seltzer bubbles performing circus-like tricks in my glass and a bowl of fresh nearby – homemade yogurt, berries of blue, purple red and pink, I linger over the morning paper. … Continue reading