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Follow the Yellow Brick Road

This is the sermon I preached last week at my church. Do you remember the song “Follow the Yellow Brick Road?” from the Wizard of Oz? It’s basically the instruction that Dorothy was given in order to get home. She had landed in Oz – a strange and confusing place, and wanted to get back … Continue reading

Church in my slippers

I have a new pair of slippers, which I love. They are glittery, shiny pink: think Dorothy’s ruby red heels, in pink slipper form. These are the kind of wear-them-every-day, with random people commenting “Wow, those sure are bright!” that make me happy to have them on slippers. I even wear them to church.  Now, … Continue reading

Blogging at the Crossroads

One of the reasons that my husband and I chose to move to Salem, MA (as opposed to any other worthy town on the North Shore of Boston) is to plant a church. Currently we are a small group meeting in our lving room on Sunday afternoons, but we have big dreams and high hopes … Continue reading