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Weekly Photo Challenge: Ambience

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ambience

I thought I’d respond to the Weekly Photo Challenge – Ambience. This photo I took at a wedding that my husband shot this past summer and I particularly like the atmosphere that it captures – a fun celebration, with a down to earth feel. This post is also part of a series, February Beautiful. 

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

I began the afternoon grousing about the snow, the cold, and the general lack of…something different, anything new. Inspired by this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge (Fresh), I hunted through some old photos. What a glorious and unexpected journey through the seasons; now I’m celebrating the way that a little fresh perspective can make a … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange

Happened to come across a recent Daily Post Photo Challenge (Orange).  Went on a hunt around my house and found these treasures. What an enjoyable way to spend a waning afternoon, trying to notice and capture what’s around me.  View other responses to this challenge here.


To linger over words is to linger over worlds. Sitting at the table, shafts of early sun across my back warm and drowsy, with lemon-lime seltzer bubbles performing circus-like tricks in my glass and a bowl of fresh nearby – homemade yogurt, berries of blue, purple red and pink, I linger over the morning paper. … Continue reading

Writing Challenge: The Devil is in the Details

While using Facebook has its drawbacks, I experienced one of it’s beautiful qualities this week. Simultaneously, there were two conversations going between the cousins on my mom’s side and those on my dad’s side, both about my respective grandmas. It was sweet to reminisce with cousins around the country about times – and grandmas – … Continue reading

And now for something completely different

One of the habits we work on in our homeschooling life is art appreciation, which  takes several forms. We listen to music and “imaginate” what might be happening (i.e. “this sounds like something small and fast, scurrying quickly” or  “this sounds like a graceful dolphin” or my favorite from my five year old “I’m imaginating … Continue reading