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I am unofficially following along a photography course that Ian is teaching. This exercise: photograph what “Home” is to you.  We bought our house nearly two years ago, and here’s some of what home means to me. From the outside:   On the inside, there are usually flowers on the table and some kind of fruit piled high. … Continue reading



I am unofficially following along a photography course that Ian is teaching. This exercise: photograph the books you are reading.  We’re currently in the habit of doing Compline (a lovely before bed prayer service from the Book of Common Prayer) with the kids each night. Here’s what we use for that:

Along Came a Dog

I read the book Along Came a Dog, by  Meindert De Jong to my two children (we finished it tonight). I had never heard it, but at Plumfield Academy (which is an AWESOME Charlotte Mason school, and where my daughter goes several days a week), they were reading it as part of the literature curriculum, … Continue reading

Keeping it complicated

A friend of mine recently blogged about keeping the gospel message complicated (read his whole post here). He is a staff member of Cru (I knew him back in the day when it was still called Campus Crusade), and works with college students, professors and Cru staff members. He writes to a largely Christian audience, … Continue reading

The King of Rocky Ithaca

Do you know who the King of Rocky Ithaca is? My 7 year old does (as does my 4 year old, though he gets fuzzy on some of the details).  We (and by “we” I mean my hubby, who holds an MA in Classics and teaches Latin and History) have been reading children’s versions of The … Continue reading

Extraordinary homeschoolers

I just read a really cool article about the world’s 15 most extraordinary homeschoolers! Read it here. I love the amazing accomplishments, the diversity of talents and interests and the just-plain-coolness of these individuals. Some of the people are well-known, some are not. Some are well-rounded and accomplished, some just have a particular skill they … Continue reading

Three awesome book sites

Don’t you love the way you can lose yourself in a good book? I’m always on the hunt for what to read – for myself and for my kids. Here are three recent sites I have found useful in the quest for books, books and more books.  Flashlight Worthy This site has 432 lists of … Continue reading

“Daddy, how did you fertilize the egg?”

A fellow blogger and friend recently wrote about a conversation he had with his four year old son about sex.  This was a follow up conversation where the son asked for more specific details (including the title of this post); you can read the whole thing here. As I have a four year old son and … Continue reading

1,000 Gifts

My parents had to drag me out of my room and away from my book to the dinner table more often than not.  My best friend and I in eighth grade would hit Walgreens on the way home from school for a soda and some candy and then spend the next three hours holed in … Continue reading