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“Daddy, how did you fertilize the egg?”

A fellow blogger and friend recently wrote about a conversation he had with his four year old son about sex.  This was a follow up conversation where the son asked for more specific details (including the title of this post); you can read the whole thing here. As I have a four year old son and … Continue reading

1,000 Gifts

My parents had to drag me out of my room and away from my book to the dinner table more often than not.  My best friend and I in eighth grade would hit Walgreens on the way home from school for a soda and some candy and then spend the next three hours holed in … Continue reading

Go away, I’m reading.

Reading out loud to your kids is not only fun, but helps to develop imagination, language, intellect and has about 8 million other positive results. I was pretty convinced of this already (it’s been a major part of our homeschooling experience, but also a natural part of our life together; my husband read most of … Continue reading