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Story is that the roads ’round these parts “developed” as a series of cowpaths (or possibly Native American foot paths).  Which goes a long way toward explaining why streets twist and turn, why street names change without warning (or signs), how you can be on “one road” for a mile and make 28 turns, and … Continue reading

Fall Into Wonder

A friend told me recently that she doesn’t like fall. It’s a pang of regret; the long warm days of summer slip away,  we grieve the loss of  freedom as the frenzy of meetings, to do lists, carpools and life kicks into high gear. It’s also a portent of the unavoidable; decline and decay, cold … Continue reading

Why can’t you kids just do things my way?

Spending the day with my kids, I realized several things. Number one: I like them. This is not a new revalation by any means, but it’s always pleasant to be reminded. We took the bus into town today and visited the bustling Peabody Essex Museum (bonus, it’s totally free for Salem residents. I love this … Continue reading

Shopping Salem

Local is the new organic. At least that’s what they tell me. I’ve been on this journey toward sustainability for a while now, moving toward making choices about food, shopping, lifestyle that have less of an impact on the environment.  Over Thanksgiving I was inspired by two online posts: Juniperks (a really awesome site whose … Continue reading