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Liquid summertime

In the waning afternoon, light and warmth fading, the fridge glowers. I glare back, grumbling, slightly crazed and facing down the dinner demon. Bleak sky, dull landscape creep in view from windows, the grime of several seasons layered thinly. The freezer mocks, possibilities for tomorrow none for tonight. To be transported from the gritty reality … Continue reading

On a Strawberry

Soon, I think to myself. Very soon. Sunshine dapples, shifting ever so slightly from watery to wan, from gentle to beaming, from soft to warm. Soon. My daughter laughs with friends, giddy with excitement about the last day of school, murmuring plans for the summer. Soon. My son digs fresh soil with me, relishing the … Continue reading

Shopping Salem

Local is the new organic. At least that’s what they tell me. I’ve been on this journey toward sustainability for a while now, moving toward making choices about food, shopping, lifestyle that have less of an impact on the environment.  Over Thanksgiving I was inspired by two online posts: Juniperks (a really awesome site whose … Continue reading

Weird Vegetables

So far, the “patty pan squash” is the weirdest looking vegetable to arrive in our share this season. (We have a half share at First Light Farm, which is beyond totally awesome. We have a peck of fruit each week too. Unbelievable. It’s also been very cool to get to know my farmer Mike, who … Continue reading

Tiny surprises

I have a small garden that I have been lovingly tending all season; we moved in May and I had a few seedlings that I brought with me, but otherwise felt a little behind all summer.  It’s not unlike the rest of life at this stage, where my husband and I are fully living into … Continue reading

Fast food and slow food

I just returned home from an amazing weekend getaway with my hubby. We received a gift at Christmas of a two night getaway (thank you, family – and Livingsocial) and finally arranged a time when our kids would with friends (thank you, friends). We stayed at the  Vienna Inn and Restaurant near Sturbridge, MA, felt … Continue reading