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Questions…questions that need answers

Parenting is chronic. Sometimes you need to take a break, lest you lose your everlovin’ mind. Locking yourself into the bathroom alone, or miracle of miracles, stepping outside of the house without the kids, provides a blessed bit of space, which allows you to remember that you do, in fact, love these funny little human … Continue reading



I am unofficially following along a photography course that Ian is teaching. This exercise: create a mood board and photograph what inspires you.  Since I actually just cleared my desk of nearly everything in my attempt to simplify during Lent, it was fun to pull things out for a review!   Here are a few other inspirational things in my … Continue reading



“I’m not little, I’m medium!” with feet planted, you declare to those at the playground who would exclude the ‘little brother.’   Big squeezes, kisses rain upon your cheeks, rosy from outside play. Big squeeze, big squeeze, then: “Daddy, that’s too hard! I’m medium.”   Dogs on leashes, small dogs – these don’t frighten the medium … Continue reading



Day 6 of Photography 101: Connect An intergenerational game of rummy – the perfect way to connect with family. I tried to take interesting angles of the cards.

Bike Ride

C’mon, Mommy! My limbs, awkward and unused, lacking a youthful litheness I once took for granted, gently obey. I balance tippy toe, and the bike wobbling underneath, patiently waits for me to settle. My hands grip the handlebars and suddenly it’s my fifteen year old hands holding tight and I’m off to visit Grandma Jeanne’s. … Continue reading


Your little voice stops cold my fast steps. Standing, alone and hurt, your bike fallen to one side and big tears welling up. Kneeling, I face the tenderness that is you and I see beauty, where mommy can make the world right. Suddenly our walk slows down and I, present to time together witness the … Continue reading

Bird Hunt

The morning sings with promise, the air hums with delight. Six year-old hands clap, pure joy and young eyes sparkle, your whole body wiggling and moving to the dance of right now. The back door clicks softly; we take hands and step into the world. The dusty sparrows, hopping sweetly, darting and nipping for crumbs, … Continue reading

Encountering kindness

  Aesop had it right. No small act of kindness is ever wasted. Nor is any attempt to teach it. Wrestling with and overcoming our own desire for the self and choosing the other is no easy task. For a five year old (and those of us who feel or act five at times), sometimes … Continue reading