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Why so glum, Judas, I presume?

Why so glum, Judas, I presume?

Why so glum, Judas, I presume? Sitting at the table, such a lonely countenance You have only to lift your eyes to your friend, breaking bread with you; open your eyes to the very bread of life.   Why so glum, Judas, I wonder? So near to love, yet with a pout and scowl You … Continue reading

White Crane

White Crane

Bark, tough and earthy under my palm thick skin – you’ve got a decade on me and scars, visible in each bump and crag.   Eye and heart, drawn to a wound hidden gracefully in green boughs, wide enough for my finger and I cannot feel the bottom.   Cracks radiate pain and consequence outward. … Continue reading

Palm Sunday

Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord! Words week after week, sometimes sung, and usually with hands up, down and across – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Those words ring out today, hundreds of voices proclaiming and waving palms, re-living that day. We are that crowd, hungry for Someone and … Continue reading

Encountering kindness

  Aesop had it right. No small act of kindness is ever wasted. Nor is any attempt to teach it. Wrestling with and overcoming our own desire for the self and choosing the other is no easy task. For a five year old (and those of us who feel or act five at times), sometimes … Continue reading

Hazards of Following Jesus

The threat of bodily harm exists for many Christians today, though usually not in North America (see Voice of the Martyrs, which does good work at reminding us in the “civilized” world about physical persecution going on in other parts of the world). Social and cultural persecution exists around the world as well. I just … Continue reading

Powerful words

Have you seen the thing going around on Facebook (you know the thing that’s like the front of a greeting card usually with some funny or deep saying on it)? It reads: The way we talk to our kids becomes their inner voice. It gave me pause to read it. I’ve actually been thinking a … Continue reading

1,000 Gifts

My parents had to drag me out of my room and away from my book to the dinner table more often than not.  My best friend and I in eighth grade would hit Walgreens on the way home from school for a soda and some candy and then spend the next three hours holed in … Continue reading