Why so glum, Judas, I presume?

DSC_5946Why so glum, Judas, I presume?

Sitting at the table, such a lonely countenance

You have only to lift your eyes

to your friend, breaking bread with you;

open your eyes to the very bread of life.


Why so glum, Judas, I wonder?

So near to love, yet with a pout and scowl

You have only to open your ears

to your name on your creator’s tongue;

open your heart to a glimpse of salvation.


Why so glum, Judas, I imagine?

Slumped away from all your friends

You have only to turn

to feel the dawn breaking upon you;

gaze on the light of the world.


Why so glum, Judas, I pray?

Not alone, yet held held in your hands

you have only to bear witness

to this miracle of thanksgiving;

give yourself, broken, to the breaking one.


Why so glum, Judas?

You have only, but you will not.

2 thoughts on “Why so glum, Judas, I presume?

  1. This is awesome Jennifer! I saved it. Would it be OK if I used it in a sermon sometime, quoting you? It reminds me a lot of a verse in the Newsboys “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus. Love to you, Elisabeth ❤️

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    • Hi Elisabeth – sorry for my delayed response! I thought my reply had posted already. Of course, I don’t mind if you quote or share this sometime. I hope that it could encourage someone else at sometime. Thanks so much for the comment!

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