Three awesome book sites

Don’t you love the way you can lose yourself in a good book? I’m always on the hunt for what to read – for myself and for my kids. Here are three recent sites I have found useful in the quest for books, books and more books.

 Flashlight Worthy

This site has 432 lists of books; my favorites include:  10 Out-of-Print Children’s Books Worth Paying For, and 7 Books That Feature Other Books as Main Characters

Aslan’s Library

Beautiful and Theologically true books for children. This site reviews children’s books on Mondays and on Wednesdays has articles about reading literature with kids. It’s pretty awesome and an unbelievable collection of thought on the beauty and truth of kids books.

The Prudent Reader

Every morning, a list of books that are FREE for the Kindle (and Kindle app) are posted. Read the fine print, because they don’t stay free for long.

Happy reading everyone!

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